Low Temperature Blanket by Kunieda Saika

cover smallHi everyone,

Today it is my pleasure to announce a new project by one of my all time favourite mangaka! 😀

Kunieda Saika sensei’s comedy “Low Temperature Blanket” is about luckless student Daisuke, who has the misfortune to fall in love with the unfathomable and utterly useless Houichi. Join us on this humourous, turbulent , and ultimately heart-warming ride, as Daisuke tries to navigate the adventures of growing into a young adult.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the scanlation group Bushido Angels. They scanlated many of Kunieda-sensei’s works and made it possible for so many fans to fall in love with her charming, unique style. Thank you guys so much! ❤

The first chapter in this story was initially released as a oneshot which was also scanlated by Bushido Angels. Kunieda-sensei continued the story to 2 full volumes. For the sake of completeness, I’ve added the new content from the first volume (new cover, summary, forward, insert, contents page) to the original Bushido Angels release.

Many thanks to our new members Oushinbee, Conn and nemesia for dedicating their time and effort to this project. You guys are awesome! ^^

Download links:

Chapter 1:  MEGA  4shared

Chapter 2:  MEGA  4shared

You can also read online at MangaDex.

Boku no Yasashii Oniisan Chapter 16 + Extra

V3 Cover SmallHi everyone,

I have great news! Recently I put out word that I needed help with scanlations, and I was touched when several kind people all stepped forward to offer their help. So without further ado, a big thank you to Oushinbee, Bianca, Conn and nemesia. Welcome to the team. ^^

Also, thank you to MioMew from The Iron Rose Team for helping with cleaning and typesetting for this chapter.<3

About this release, chapter 16 is the final chapter in volume 3. There is also a two page extra depicting Teppei and Isaka’s friendship which is new material Ima-sensei drew for this volume.

Here’s what to look forward to in this chapter:

  • Yet another secret family member is revealed at Satoshi’s father’s funeral ceremony. Grandpa and Great-grandpa have been very sneaky.
  • Taking heed from what happened to Aladdin when he entered the Cave of Wonders, Satoshi is understandably a little reluctant to enter his father’s tomb.
  • A big, handsome hippo attends the funeral. The guests are a little flustered.
  • Akihito’s foolish antics land him into deep water with some dangerous thugs! Lucky for him, he has a couple of slightly smarter brothers, but will everyone come out of the tussle unscathed?

Download links:  MEGA  4shared

Read online: MangaDex

Boku no Yasashii Oniisan – help needed

V3 Cover Small

Calling all ardent Ima Ichiko fans!

I would be delighted if an amazing someone would help me with typesetting and proofreading for Boku no Yasashii Oniisan.

This is a great chance to work on a truly wonderful manga and you don’t need prior experience. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Thank you. ^^

12/08/2019 update: Positions have now been filled. Thank you very much to everyone who offered to help.

From Eroica with Love – The Celtic Spiral Part 5

v32 cover small

Hi everyone!

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined The Iron Rose Team! Yay!!

Our mission is to bring Aoike Yasuko sensei’s gorgeous, wonderful, utterly amazing manga, “From Eroica with Love”, to english speaking fans everywhere.
This is a dream come true for me because FEwL is my all time favourite manga! 😀

We’ve just released part 5 of a story arc called “The Celtic Spiral”.

Please head over to the FEwL fanpage for the download link.

Enjoy! ^^

Boku no Yasashii Oniisan Chapter 15

V3 Cover SmallHi all!

Satoshi, Teppei and Akihito are back and the chaotic awkwardness continues. ^^””

Here’s what to look forward to in this chapter:

  • A family dinner brings all the brothers together at Sanae’s house. For various reasons, no-one has an appetite.
  • Satoshi pours his heart out to Teppei, but Teppei’s response leaves him in a huff.
  • Isaka finally gives Teppei some good advice, after having a good laugh at his friend’s expense of course.
  • We meet Teppei’s adorable and incredibly perceptive students. Teppei should be very afraid.
  • Akihito deviously finds a way to finally meet the kooky Yano-san. Surely only catastrophe can follow??

Chapter 16 will be the final one in this volume, and it’s action-packed! The whole family gather for Satoshi and Akihito’s father’s second funeral, but Akihito has got himself into trouble with some violent hoodlums. His brothers are determined to help him, but will everyone be ok? We’ll find out in the next chapter. 😉

I feel I’m slowly but surely getting better at typesetting and translation editing. I’m looking forward to improving more!

Many thanks to Kit for QCing.<3

Download links:  MEGA  4shared

Read online: MangaDex

Boku no Yasashii Oniisan Chapter 14

V3 Cover SmallHi everyone. ^^

I’m back with a new chapter in the lives of our favourite dysfunctional family!

Many thanks to the lovely Kit for QCing. ♡

What to look forward to in this chapter:

  • Teppei has at least four more heartattacks (that’s six now in just two chapters). Who knew simply getting rid of trash is such a troublesome affair in Japan?
  • Satoshi’s relentless pursuit of Isaka leads to A LOT of Teppei’s secrets being spilled. These spillages include both the metaphorical kind and the literal kind.
  • Akihito is so stupid it hurts! XD (for evidence just refer to any pages he appears in), but he’s concern for both his brothers’ safety is thoroughly endearing. ♡

Download links:  MEGA  4shared

Read online: MangaDex

Boku no Yasashii Oniisan Chapter 13


Here’s my new year’s gift to you, enjoy! ^^

Wow, I can’t believe we’re in 2019 already. In 365 days we’ll be in 2020, now that’s a scary thought. O.O

Real life has been pretty full on for the last half year which is why I haven’t been able to do much translating. But I’m really happy I was able to finally finish this chapter. ^^

Many thanks to my dear friend Kit for QCing. ♡

What to expect in this chapter:

  • Poor Teppei has at least two heartattacks. We also learn why he lost his job.
  • Akihito endears himself by proving that he is a sweet and honourable fool.
  • Akihito and Satoshi pay Teppei a visit at his new place, hilarity ensues.
  • Teppei’s bizarre friend Isaka is the king of stirring up trouble.

Download links:  MEGA  4shared

Read online:  MangaDex